Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transitions, forage pizza, and roadkill adventures!

I'm now in my third phase of life in massachusetts.
Beginning with an aimless shot in the dark, moving through a winter of discovery,
and finding myself now, embarking on a rebirth.

This last weekend I left Heifer International to start my farm apprenticeship at Lindentree Farm in Lincoln, MA.  and it finally feels like I'm doing what I've been trying to do for the last year.
I'm in the sunlight, fostering the growth of plants, learning about nature, and belonging somewhere good.

Everyone at Heifer was so amazing, and I will seriously be missing all of my good friends there.
They really sent me off with such good feelings.  One day they made apple crisp (my favorite dessert) for me.  The next we had a cookout and fire (which my soul has been craving).

and then the last night, we had a pizza makin' party.  I must say my favorite was the venison pizza, but my contribution was a wild harvest pizza with dandelion greens, clover, and fresh fiddleheads.  After the pizza there was a roast of Nathan, which was quite enlightening, followed by a night hike down to the resevoir to stargaze and dodge trains.

Speaking of fiddlehead, I finally found the edible ones! ostrich ferns:
I'm about to be extremely busy planting and harvesting proven edibles, but I'm still very interested in using wild plants.  I'm starting to get a big bunch of dandelion petals together to start my first batch of dandelion wine.
I spent the weekend between jobs exploring some feels, keeping my body and head close to possible partnerships, and ended up feeling much more confused and alone.

On my way back to my farm, I saw the biggest raccoon that i had ever seen lounging on the highway.
Now, you may not believe this, but I really do pass up most of the roadkill that I see, but this time, the stars and exits aligned, and I set off aside the highway on foot planning to capture my prize in a paper grocery bag.  So there I was wedged between an exit and the full on highway trying to fit 35 pounds of shit into a 15 pound bag.  Cars whizzing by with looks of horror emanating from the faces of those passing.  I finally gave up and just carried the thing along the road by a foot, not giving a damn.  I got my prize secured and continued on my journey.
It was a good chance to consecrate my homemade knife with coon blood.
The next day, I was fully engaged in the farming life.
We spent time working on our tractors.
 Arranging our baby plants from between our greenhouses.

 Laying out, fertilizing, and planting some sections of our fields.
I'm completely overwhelmed right now with arranging my new room, so that should keep me busy for a bit, but I took a break from feng shui, and bottled my newest batch of hard cider, then started next month's.
P.S. even baby plants are cuter than adult ones.
The last one is sprouting acorns, basically infant oak trees.

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  1. so many projects. I am excited to see how the farm comes along, definitely keep up with its progress. What kind of farm is this? A CSA? Organic Farm? Do they sell at a Farmers Market? Man you definitely got in at the best time of year when all the fun stuff is happening.

    Bobbi, Fawn and I have done a bunch of planting, onions and potatoes have been in for a month, radishes, beets, carrots, and spinach for 3 weeks. Bobbie just put in strawberries, and I hope to plant seedlings in a week and a half. It will by our biggest garden ever. so far at least.