Tuesday, April 6, 2010

judy the beauty and nate's nebriatin' nectars.

4am- wake up/boil sap
5am- sheep in labor
6am- energized by birch sap i jog.

I had the privilege of meeting and talking with some interesting ladies who
are participating in our birthing program here at heifer.  The first thing
they asked me was what i was doing with me life.
Kind of a loaded question to be greeted by.  But i really love that kind of
conversation starter.  This pair were from california and went by
Christmas Carol and Judy the Beauty.  They say I have an old soul
which is why i feel like age is coming on me so fast.
But the truth is Spring is coming on so fast!
ah!  There is just too much that i need to harvest and make into concoctions for my jars.
Nature please slow down just a little bit.

Have you ever wondered how witches could fly?
made with following ingredients:
-the fat of an unbaptized baby or child (animal fat or beeswax in a pinch)
-and these herbs

I finally got the 15lbs of honey i needed to start my 2010 batch of mead.
 with a little help from my friend will I was able to finesse 5 gallons of honey water into my jug.
i trimmed my mullet and singed my eyelashes in the wood furnace. 
i hope i'm still pretty.

this week is tattoo week so expect my skin to be getting some more DIY flare.

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