Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tuesday, October 13, 2009

Had a nice long day at the farm today.
Up at 5am for breakfast, coffee, and a healthy dose of "The Natural Farmer ".
I'm reading so much right now about soil health, minerals, and how to get the "4 season cabin" (base station aka soil) set up and enlivened before we expect to see a good fat batch of flora.
By 7 I'm feeding the animals and right now I'm working on doubling the size of our chicken coop to prepare for a large addition of egg makers.
I also started the wood stove and prepared a work area for us to split up heads of garlic to be planted in a couple weeks.
Soon my good friend Liz came by and along with Connie we had some good conversation, warm cider, and dirty hands as we split em' up next to the warm stove as it rained somethin fierce outside.
there was also some vegetable lamb soup simmering on the stove fire and soon Ron brought his presence to us over lunch.  Liz provided us with a kombucha mother and a finished batch of tea.  Upon Liz explaining to Ron that the kombucha was similar to a mushroom, Ron asked "so does that mean I'm going to start seeing sacred geometry?"  I was laughing/caughing for a good five minutes.
My afternoon was really good too, because i got the chance to hang out with a powerhouse of sheep/chicken knowledge - linda hutchings.
We took our 10 sheep in to the slaughterhouse, which i'm not gonna lie, made me feel a little wierd and sad.  But I'm still evaluating those feelings and thinking about the natural order of things/sustainability.
But we ended the evening with picking up 4 little pink squealing pigglets and getting them all fed and nicely tucked into their new homes to get super chubby and prepared for winter afternoon rastlin' with me.

Here are some photos of stuff that my camera points at and then i push a button.

I'm building hot houses for winter growth.

pokeberries are an amazing thing that captured my attention in a powerful way one morning.....

I also built some outside doors for the chickens to enjoy.