Tuesday, August 17, 2010

epic dreams

Last night I drank 3 cups of dandelion root tea.  A batch that i dried and harvested while at Heifer International in Rutland, MA. 
I have been having more dreams lately, but perhaps the dandelion spawned a more vivid experience.
My dream began on a farm/community that was somewhat secluded.  Next I was in the forest nearby
where we found a local snooping around.  He seemed a little off and wouldn't tell us what he was looking for.  After my friends left the woods, I went in where the local man had been.  Eventually I came upon another farm similar to ours where the people were all half human-half turtle.  Just like the teenage mutant ninja turtles, but these were turtle people of all ages and weren't ninjas, plus they all had huge afros.
Well I was determined to get these things on video, so I went back in later with a video camera and for some reason a bucket of my homemade wine.  For some reason in my dream I decided to shoot the video and bottle my wine at the same time....
I get to the top of this tower, bottling my wine, spilling it all over the place, shooting video of these beings.
They are all farmers and I hear some talking about how they wish they could partner with us to get all of the food they need.  Then one of them finds me at the top of the tower, and apparantly doesn't realize that i'm not half turtle.  She proposes that we switch crocs (the shoe).  So we do, and i wake up.
I've found a few sources that talk about dandelion root and dreams.
-Aids in psychic gifts, when chopped up, brewed into tea, and drunk faithfully three times a week, is alleged to help one dream true and to enhance the gift of second sight.

 -some say drinking a tea made from dandelion root can promote prophetic dreams.

Tonight I'm going to try a yarrow infusion that I made yesterday, before I have a super healthy dinner.
Supposedly when taken internally, yarrow invigorates appetite, increases digestion as well as absorption of nutrients by the body.

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