Monday, August 23, 2010

music and moustache, check it out

I'm consumed by the creation of music once again.  I think it is good, but I'm really eager to start playing shows and working on other art associated with the packaging/performance of my songs.
I haven't talked about this much on my blog, but if you want to listen to some of my songs you can check out my album "Young Adult Culture" here:
I almost finished another song this weekend, but am going to take a night or two away from it before I put on the final touch.

i made some ginger cider a while back:
Made tomato wine with kyli and joey.
I pulled these carrots from the ground.  Even carrots have a more successful love life than me.
Megan and I comforted a baby bird after it's first failed flight attempt.
I went to a an organic farming conference in western, MA.
This is what i look like with a mustache:

1 comment:

  1. love the stache! the beloved dread remains..
    it's so long!