Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday, Sept 5th

On tuesdays and saturdays we have the pick-up for the CSA (community supported agriculture) members.
I'm always meeting new people who are interested in what we are doing at the farm, and are excited in the
many possibilities of further developing their local food resource.
On the pick-up days we get to pick all of the beautiful vegetables that have been developing in front of our eyes.
It's nice to see big baskets full of veggies after spending the week weeding.
Today I accidentally left a door open and found dapple (our donkey) and 4 of the sheep hanging out in the kitchen.
It took some convincing, but i was able to shoo em back to their generous plots of grass.
Nick and I made a run to the hardware store for turkey trailer parts and learned a valuable lesson (almost the hard way) in properly securing 16' boards to a pick up truck. Disaster was avoided and we promptly headed back to the farm
after getting a call notifying us of a pasta salad situation. We met the challenge.
From between the sound of my hammer I heard mention of the tide and how i was from illinois.
I responded with a resentful "hey!, what is that supposed to mean?" before i knew it I was waist deep in
a kayak completely exhausted paddling against the aforementioned tide.

It was my first time kayaking, and i really loved it. Most of my traveling experience has involved a road, whether on a bike, in a car, or on foot, and it felt good to be gliding over the water, soaking in the vitamin D, taking a dip, then drying off on the nearby rocks.
After the adventure, Ron took Nick and I to a tea shop where us men lifted our pinkies and sampled a black tea with milk, and complimentary biscuits. mmhmm. but then apparently we needed to refuel on testosterone after tea time, because within 15 minutes I found myself in the town sportsbar with a beer and something called stuffed quahogs while watching the red sox.
After adequately refueling, we fired up the grill, and Nick and I played some basketball. I'm proud to say i've still got finess and proceeded to school the young buck.
Our dinner blew my mind.  A full rack of ribs from one of their own Colchester farm raised pigs, and plenty of colchester organic veggies along with my homemade bread.

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