Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday, Sept 4th

Slow moving morning, but still accomplished alot. Found out that farming is really mostly about just moving "shit". Literally and figuratively. So i did that, then I got a pretty good start on the turkey trailer that i'm building to cart around our 16 turkeys. We are planning on moving the trailer daily to add nutrients in the form of turkey poop to our pastures, therefore increasing the quality of grass for the sheep and donkey.
When i got to a stopping point on the trailer I took off for the cabbage patch, took off my shoes and socks, and pulled every offending plant away from the big beautiful purple leaves of the cabbage as i felt the soft, cool, black dirt between my toes and the warm late summer sun on my back.
I was wanting to get into the pond across the street from our house before it got too cold, so i decided to jog back to the house and take a dip. the water was cold, but it felt good. It was nice to swim to the middle, look around at the trees, sky, and water, all establishing their boundaries and colors.
After lunch, Ron, Nick and I went to deliver a pig to a family who planned on a special labor day treat. It presented the often pondered dillema of how to move an awnry pig from point A to point B. We did well, although had a certain odor about us when it was all said and done.
The rest of the afternoon held more trailer planning and wood slingin'. Then Nick and I cooked up an amazing dinner with colchester raised pork chops, and garlic and mixed veggie couscous. I really wanted to take a picture. It was like something your grandmother would make, but it was just us two guys in our early twenty's just cooking up a little something for dinner!

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