Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My first week at Colchester Farm

Here I am in Massachusetts, a state i have never considered living in. Not that i have anything against this oddly shaped pilgrim hangout. It's honestly been a long journey leading up to this pivotal point in my life. From christian school to the army, electro-indie band to house party DJ, photographer's assistant to bicycle CoOp mechanic, and environmental anarchist to organic farm intern. I'd say i change alot, but in many ways the same. I'm growing up into the space life has set for me.

so anyways, back to the farm. Here I am! At Colchester Neighborhood Farm in plympton, MA, a rock's throw from where the mayflower is parked. I've just spent my first week here and i can already feel the satisfaction of being a part of something great.
You may be asking yourself how i went from sitting in the middle of a mega corn crop in central illinois to eating rasberries straight off of the vine on the edge of america. Well one day i decided i was ready to be a home owner so i built this little baby.

It took the last dollars in my ailing pocket to construct it, but one of my basic human needs was met!
So I settled into friends' backyards while I gave plasma and amazingly got a job at an awesome restaurant in champaign.
Towards the end of the summer, i was feeling the itch of moving again and asked the lovely lady that i'd been seeing in
chicago to point her finger in a direction.
This being said lovely lady.

She pointed northeast so i hitched up my trailer that had been housing me in the back yard of these strapping gentlemen.  and i drove off.

My first day at the farm was surely and eventful one.
I skinned my first mammal for one.
Here is the evidence of my backslidden vegetarianism.

but other than that initial primitive carnality and having to kill a baby rabbit with a shovel (a "put it out of it's misery" situation)  I'm spending my days feeding animals, collecting nature's bounty, and constructing amazing things.

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  1. Awesome guy! Miss havin you around here...looks like a wonderful place.
    * My neighbor made a trailer like that for tailgaitng..yours is way nicer tho.