Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, Dec. 17 2009

The wind is howling outside.  My hands are wrapped around a warm mug filled with 1/4 whole milk, 3/4 coffee made with spring water i collected from mt. blue spring in wampatuck state park, and a huge squeeze of local honey.  I'm not much looking forward to the wind finding every little hole in my clothing to pierce into my skin, but I'm willing to be rough to provide for the creatures that are depending on me for their breakfast.  Those hardy animals include: 1 little female sheep, an old nimble goat, a shockingly large male sheep, one very demanding donkey, 4 steaming teenage pigs, 100 dodging chickens, and the most recent arrival, a handful of puffball bunnies.
I'll soon be departing to visit family and friends in Illinois and have to-do lists popping out of my pockets.
I'm focusing on staying light.

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